Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We are now accepting new members and renewing past memberships for the St. Luke Bells Choir for students in 3rd through 8th grade. Below, kindly note the minimum expectations for choir members keeping in mind that this is not just an after school activity but a service rendered to our school/parish community here at St. Luke Catholic Church.

Choir members must:
1. Attend weekly practice on Mondays, 3:10-4:00pm. Extra practices may be called for special events.

2. Be available to sing with the choir during First Friday Masses, special events either within campus or in another venue and special liturgical services at St. Luke Parish specially during Lent/Easter/First Communion Masses (April and May).

3. Be prepared to sing solo parts or special group parts upon request (their personal readiness will be considered at all times).

4. If parishioners of St. Luke Parish, make every effort to attend the 10:15AM Sunday Mass and sit at the choir loft. Parents may sit nearby. If you wish to be at the loft with your child, you must sing with the choir.

Please fill in the attached application form. You may email it back to me or print it out and leave it with the Front Office.

Thank you very much for allowing your child to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ and his Church.


Sr. Mary Jane, msc
Choir Coordinator