Afterschool Tennis Club

I would like to introduce your children to the sport of tennis at the Oak Park Tennis Center, on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, beginning September 4th.

The Oak Park Tennis Center is located at 3514 N. Sutter Street, just 3 blocks south of St. Luke’s School.  We have 11 tennis courts, with a pro shop, snacks, restrooms, and a lounge with a TV where the kids can rest if needed.  

Miss Nance or a volunteer will walk the children over at dismissal. Once they arrive, I, Antwan Graves, will teach them the skills they need to learn tennis, and will provide tennis racquets and tennis balls for the kids at no extra charge. 

At 4:30 pm, we will conclude our tennis lesson with a Christ-like value for the day, and then you may pick your child up from the tennis courts.  Of course, you may pick them up early if necessary.

We need at least 10 children to make our program a success. I made the prices low exclusively for St. Luke’s parents because I know you are already paying tuition and this is a little extra.  Since the pricing is so low, there are no makeups for missed lessons, unless I cancel for weather.  

My prayer is that your kids will learn to love tennis, and have a great time!

We look forward to teaching your children how to play tennis and getting them ready for St. Mary’s High School Tennis Team!  

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Complete the form and turn it in to the School office. Payment, cash or check (made payable to Antwon Graves) is due at the time of sign up. Thank you for your time and your business!