CARITAS JOURNEY means walking in charity and kindness in service of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is an opportunity for growth in faith and action and is based on the example and charism of Fr. Eustachio Montemurro, physician, priest and founder of the “Sacro Costato” Sisters. His inspiriation was to make sure that the love of God was present and evident to the world in which we live and that is what this group is all about.

ACTIVITIES: Learning how to pray using all styles, visiting the sick, taking on service projects that show responsibility in our St. Luke’s community. To keep in mind that at least one of our activities will take place in one of our local Convalescent Homes.

MEETINGS: Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:15-4:15pm. Meetings will take place in the Social Hall. Caritas Journey is open to grades 5-8.

GUIDE: Sr. Wanda Billion, MSC