St. Luke’s CYO Athletics

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St. Luke's CYO Athletics (Catholic Youth Organization) is parish ministry dedicated to serving the youth of our parish community. Eligible athletes are enrolled in Children's Religious Education or St. Luke Catholic Elementary School.

The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), through the vehicle of sports, provides youth with an opportunity to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities and to become friends with other children throughout the diocese. CYO activities should be examples of the meaning of Christian sportsmanship. The guiding principle behind the enforcement of this code is that the behavior of everyone involved in CYO should not detract from the childrens' enjoyment of the sport.

Girls and Boys basketball, Girls Volleyball.
Eligible athletes are not registered in any other programs (of the same sport) during the season.

General Information
Girls Basketball (3rd grade through 8th grade). The Season is September through November.
Boys Basketball (3rd grade through 8th grade). The season is November through February.
Girls Volleyball (5th grade through 8th grade). The season is March through May.

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