The best way to teach religion is to live it. Children can learn their faith in school, but “there is no place like home” for them to live their faith. If children are to have their faith vitally implanted in their hearts, it must have its external signs. The normal and necessary sign for children is the witness of their own families. Regular attendance at Mass is required.

If a parent/guardian wishes to have their child baptized, they will be referred to our parish Religious Education Coordinator, Sr. Odetta Bonini, MSC.

First Reconciliation (Penance):
The preparation for the reception First Reconciliation is part of the Grade 2 curriculum. 

First Eucharist (Communion):
Students in Grade 3 prepare for and receive First Eucharist as part of thier curriculum. 

The Sacrament of Confirmation is part of the Grade 7 curriculum. 

Prayer Opportunities:
Classroom prayers are said throughout each day. School wide prayer services are held throughout the school year. Please check the calendar for specific dates. Parents and Guardians are always invited to attend prayer services.

Weekly All-School Liturgy:
Every Tuesday morning, St. Luke Catholic Elementary School shall gather for Liturgy at 8:30 a.m. On the First Friday of each month and Holy Days of Obligation, the school will also attend Eucharist.  Parents and Guardians are always welcome to attend these liturgies; please check the school calendar for the exact time each week.