“Coach Que’s Mission”  will spend most of our time focused on the following to bring Christmas & Joy to Vietnam:  

  1. Pre-School & Elementary from Hai Duong- Providence of Hue-  26-30 poorest students 
  2. House of the Blind:  20-30 members 
  3. Village of Dac Goc- Providence of Hue:  Coats & Jackets drive for up to 200 children in the Village.
  4. Traveling around Hue to give out Christmas presents & money to elders and those in needs.  

I am very excited to again lead this great mission!  As I prepare for the trip, I need your prayers for safety and God to work in and through me.  I want to humbly ask you to consider supporting me financially and/or supplies to help make this third annual mission trip a huge success!  Any supplies and/or amount would be great, nothing is ever too small! 


Things we need for this mission:

  • Cash  donation (help pay school tuition for pre-schoolers and elementary school students, purchase of outfits and jackets/coats )
  • Powdered Milk drink 
  • PediaSure (powdered only)
  • Ensure (powered only) 
  • Bone Density Dietary Supplement 
  • Bone Restore 
  • Calcium Gummy Vitamins
  • Adults Vitamins & Kids Vitamins  

Please continue to forward the news to others and lend a helping hand to do God’s work! All donations need to be collected by December 1st so it can be delivered in time for Christmas.