Principal’s Message: Month of July 2018

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Dear Friends of St. Luke’s,

"God brings peace to your borders, and satisfies you with finest wheat." ~ Psalm 147:14

A warm and welcoming greeting to each and every one of you!! The weeks of summer are magic for me... even with the heat of the San Joaquin Valley! Maybe it’s that old "school-is-out" fever that still makes me smile, but these are days I enjoy getting our school ready for the upcoming year, and the Salesian Summer Camp is finally here!!!

St. John Bosco was moved by the heart of the Good Shepherd so the pastoral activity of not only our school but each ministry within the parish is marked by a profound ability to find ways of making contact, of getting close to the young and sharing life with them. The origin of the word Salesian comes from a 17th century thinker and saint, Francis of Sales. His optimistic humanism opened up a spiritual depth within relationships encouraging people to engage with the heart rather than through an impersonal authority. He spoke about the strength of real gentleness and the ability of a warm, consistent approach to working with people that could transform their experience of life. This is why the founder of the Salesian order, John Bosco, adopted Francis as his patron. One of his most important statements about ministering with young people was this:

Young people not only need to be loved,
They need to know that they are loved.

The faculty and staff of St. Luke School is about providing an experience that engages the heart. When a young person experiences that loving kindness, hearts are opened, confidence grows, faults are corrected and gifts blossom. This holistic and heart-centered approach is based on reasonable, respectful and reverent way of ministering with the young.

How will you spend the rest of your summer?

I hope your plans include as much time as you can spare for relaxing with family and friends... and finding God’s grace. Just pulling back from the regular routine can re-orient us to what’s lasting and true. Things don’t have to get too complicated for any of us to succeed. Before the sun gets too hot, I try taking more walks for meditation and prayer. In the evening, I work through my summer reading list, which includes some favorite passages from the bible.

Right now God is asking us to catch our breath, step back from all the rushing and find strength in the promise of salvation. Wherever you are, whatever your responsibilities, receive the Holy Spirit into your heart and celebrate summer. God Bless each one of you! 

Mr. Rieschick