Principal’s Message: Week of September 16, 2018

25th Week Ordinary Time

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Dear St. Luke Families,

I am pleased to say that we do not have any more days off until Veteran’s Day which takes place on Monday, November  12th!

This coming weekend parishes throughout the Catholic Diocese of Stockton acknowledge CATHOLIC CHARITIES.

As a church - as a Catholic community - it is through Catholic Charities that we - in the name of the Lord and in our own name – help families find the resources they need, help older people stay independent and in their own homes, help veterans get off the street and into their own places, help individuals become citizens, help parents and kids with counseling and support . We are actually doing what St. James says we’re supposed to do with our faith-  put it into practical love and real help!!

This coming weekend - bothersome St James asks us - point blank - what are we doing? Beyond our trust in God - beyond our love of the faith -beyond our good intentions, even - how are we putting our faith into action - personally -and through the many ways we have to help others in our own community? As one way to consider that question this week - I’d invite you to research the wonderful work of our Catholic Charities. This weekend is the only weekend throughout the year that there is a Catholic Charities Collection and next Sunday is the weekend! Please consider what you are doing - and what you are called to do – by your faith - and, as insignificant as it may seem, to decide to ‘do it anyway’. The Salesians shall be showing a video to you, so I am asking, please donate financially!!!