Principal’s Message: Week of April 8, 2018
In Preparation for the Fourth Week of Easter

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Dear St. Luke Families,

What a wonderful Fruit of the Vine Wine, Beer, & Food Stroll over 600 of us experienced this past Saturday! Many delighted in the company of friends and savored the food, drink & music provided. I want to thank Andrea BearApril Rubio and Lexie Curtis and their many volunteers who worked so hard and dedicated themselves to the many hours needed to provide for such a wonderful evening!

Who Cares? 

The image of the good shepherd is the image of a person who cares. He is not like the other, “who has no concern.” He takes the time to get to know others, and he cares so much that he will even give his life for others.

We belong to a church populated by caring individuals who give their lives for others: priests and nuns martyred in El Salvador; missionaries struggling in the remotest parts of the world; peace activists challenging the consciences of nations; sisters caring lovingly for the sick and dying.

What would happen if all of us cared, really cared, about our brothers and sisters who are hungry, homeless, helpless, mistreated, victimized, suffering, unemployed, impoverished, threatened, rejected? What would happen if all of us became good shepherds and cared? Wouldn’t the consequences be monumental if everyone in the Christian community became a good shepherd?

Reading I: Acts 4:8-12
Responsorial Psalm: 118:1, 8-9, 21-23, 26, 28, 29
Reading II: 1 John 3:1-2
Gospel: John 10:11-18