Principal’s Message:  May 22, 2017

Can you believe it, our last week of school??!! There has been so much to be grateful for I don’t even know where to start, so I won’t try in this short message.  Last week our kindergarten celebrated mass and graduation with our parish community and are now awaiting to be “grown up” first graders this coming August!! On Monday, our 8th graders shall be taking a retreat day with our wonderful pastor, Fr. Ramon and Paul DeValle, and then on Thursday morning take part in our baccalaureate mass, award ceremony, luncheon, and baccalaureate exercises at 6:00 p.m.that evening. On Friday, our last day of school, all students will have a boat load of fun with Field Day- a time where competitive games, bbq, ice-cream, and just some good old fashioned smiling faces  taking place!

HOPE. How do you and I nurture it?

I am finishing out my 10th year as a Principal, my fifth here at St. Luke’s and in my early days which seem distant now, I still vividly remember how it felt to be a “green” Principal! As with many young adults, I was overly confident and optimistic that I would make a difference. After a number of failed efforts especially among our parents, guardians, & teachers, I lost some of my optimism but never my hope. I truly believe that my subsequent “successes” in educational ministry – any success that I celebrated was God’s, not mine – were a result of the hope that was in me.

I believe we sanctify God when we invite others to glorify Him. We are called to share our faith unapologetically but respectfully. As I and we experience hardships in life, I feel we become equipped to counter the fears inherent in suffering because we can say “been there, done that”and “God raised me up through it all.” The expression of HOPE is contagious!

Dear St. Luke Families, when someone asks you why you lead the life you do, be prepared to share from Whom your discipleship flows. Tell them what Christ has done for you. Faith only grows when shared, when watered with the Spirit, when steeped in hope.

I want to thank each of you for your faith, trust, and commitment to the mission of St. Luke School. I truly respect the sacrifices each family makes to send their child here and we shall continue to put your child first in everything we do! God Bless every one of you this summer- have fun, pray, spend time together, be safe.

Mr. Rieschick