Christian de Trinidad
5th Grade Teacher
About The Teacher
I was born on December 10, 1986 in San Francisco, CA to parents who emigrated from Managua, Nicaragua as result of the revolution and civil war in the country during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I was baptized in St. Peter’s Church, which is in the predominantly Hispanic Mission District in San Francisco. For pre-school, I attended a bilingual Head Start in the Mission District. Although by that time, we had moved out of the Mission District to the outer area of San Francisco near SFSU. After Pre-K, I attended St. Thomas More Catholic School, which was located in my neighborhood. After 8th grade, I attended Archbishop Riordan High School for one semester. The following semester, my parents bought a house in Stockton, so we relocated to Stockton in February 2002. I transferred to and received my high school diploma from Central Catholic High School in Modesto.

I then returned to San Francisco and attended the University of San Francisco, where in 2009 I received a B.A. in U.S. History, although being well versed in the sciences, philosophy, ethics, and Catholic theology as well. I have been married three years, and I am the proud father of baby girl. I am the 5th grade teacher at St. Luke School.

It is through my act of teaching that I am responding to Christ’s invitation to love and by which I share my love and joy with and for Christ and my students. Jesus, by definition, is Incarnational Love, in which he grafted and continues to graft Himself directly into human history by means of His birth, death, and resurrection, His Church, and the Most Blessed Sacrament. Consequently, it is through this paradigm that I must teach all things and approach and understand society.

Contact me at:

209-464-0801 x 205