Mrs. Annette Dellemonico
3rd Grade Teacher
About The Teacher
I am excited to be joining the faculty of St. Luke’s School!

I felt the hand of God at work in sending me here, answering my call for a beautiful spiritual home with kindred spirits, and guiding me to fill a need at St. Luke’s. I look forward to the welcoming arms of St. Luke and St. John Bosco. I am impressed as I read the biographies of the St. Luke teachers. It is obvious that each one has a deep love for children, teaching, and God. What a joy to be able to join you!

I am relocating to the Lodi/Stockton area, retiring from my job of twelve years for Los Angeles Unified School District where I have taught English to English Language Learners, for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, primarily, but also drama, and math, science, and social studies for sixth graders. Yet, I have had a very special place in my heart for third graders, and couldn’t be more delighted to be returning to this age group. I take the responsibility of the moral and spiritual development of this age group quite seriously, believing that all the important lessons children need to learn about love, responsibility, service, and as lovers of truth must be established before they turn ten. I look forward to helping them deepen their sense of connection to, and their understanding of what God is.

I have a B.A. in English, and am fully credentialed in English as a Single Subject for 7-12th grade. I have a Multi-Subjects Credential for K-6th grade, as well as a Clear Cross Curricular Academic Development Credential. I have a Master’s Degree in Curricular Planning, with a specialization in Project-Based Learning. Additionally, I have completed all but the thesis towards a second Master’s in Human Development with a specialization in understanding stages of spiritual development in children.

I have also taught dance, theatre arts, and minored in Dance and Art as an undergraduate, and continued training in painting, sculpting, and dance after graduation.  I am a trained Catechist and have taught, Pre-School, First Holy Communion Prep, Sixth and Seventh Grade CCD, as well as Confirmation Prep classes for St. Rose of Lima Church and St. Peter Claver Church in my long-time home of Simi Valley, California.

I was a stay at home mom for many years, volunteering in all my four children’s classrooms, worked as a pre-school teacher and extended day care teacher, where I focused on first through third graders. These experiences convinced me teaching was absolutely my calling. I truly love and respect children and I promise you, your child’s self-esteem will be fostered and nurtured carefully and very intentionally. I know that it is important for me to help children find their voices, and to truly listen to them, and I believe all teaching is a reciprocal relationship based on deep mutual love and respect. I believe in their wisdom and unique intelligence and strengths. I will teach them to be considerate, and teach by example. 

When our children were very young, my husband and I had a children’s performance company where we performed and included child-participation in our shows, promoting self-expression and self-esteem in children of all ages. I look forward to doing some more of this at St. Luke. You can expect the use of all the arts in my classroom.

In my spare time, I’m looking forward to being a grandma. My daughter, who lives in Lodi, is what has given me the greatest call to relocate to your area, giving birth to our first grandchild on June 2nd. I also love ballroom and Latin dancing, spiritual studies, meditation and mindful breath practices. My spiritual growth is always my primary focus. I love gardening, hiking, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and I’m saying good-bye to my huge rose garden in Simi Valley, but looking forward to caring for all the little “rosebuds” in my third-grade class at St. Luke, and my darling little grand-daughter!

Contact me at:
209-464-0801 x 203